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Welcome to Integrated Martial Arts, a martial arts school serving Dallas, Addison, Carrollton and Plano for over 25 years.

Integrated Martial Arts (IMA) is the integration of several martial arts, with its origin dating back over 1,500 years. The styles taught include hard style techniques like Kong Su, various soft style Kung Fu forms, joint manipulation techniques from Hapkido and Aikido, rolling and grappling from Judo and Ju Jitsu, and breathing and meditation forms from Tai Chi.

IMA takes these various elements and styles and equips the student both mentally and physically to meet any confrontation in life. The student will find a journey full of both downfalls and triumphs as they reach for the goal of 1st Degree Black Belt and beyond. As an end result, the student will gain from their training a willingness and confidence to meet any challenge that is encountered, along with the ability to truly enjoy a comfortable life.

IMA is one of the oldest martials arts schools in Dallas. Come join us for a free introductory lesson and see what you can achieve.

Integrated Martial Arts
 2445 Midway Road, Suite 200, Carrollton Texas